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The Initiative to form the Bihar Provincial Medical Association was taken by leading members of the medical profession of Patna. The Patna Medical Association formally invited members of medical profession from various districts of Bihar on 1st August, 1939 in a meeting. The meeting was presided over by late “Dr. M. Hussain. A resolution was formally moved for formation of the Provincial Branch of Indian Medical Association with headquarters at Patna. Late Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad of Arrah was elected as the first President and later D. B. Narayana, Professor of Physiology, P. W. Medical College, Patna as its first Secretary- Bihar Provincial Medical Association was then affiliated as Bihar Provincial branch of Indian Medical Association and the Central Office granted Rs. 200/- for the office expenses.

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"We all Doctors want to some amendments in Clinical establishment Act immediately : Amend Certain Impractical,Materials in Clinical Establishment Act 2010/13". Read about the update "Good Going,Keep It Up" below, and join me in supporting this campaign by signing the petition! For Signing the petition - Click link on Clinical Establishment Act 2013/13 - Sign the petition.

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President Desk

Dr. Shaligram Vishwakarma

Secretary’s Desk

Hony. State Secretary
Dr. Brajnandan Kumar

Life Sketch of Dr. A.K.N. Sinha

Dr. A.K.N. Sinha, the illustrious son of Bihar, in his own words “a true Bihari”, was born in Banka District of Bihar on 15th January, 1929, in an affluent family. His father Rai Bahadur Shri Shy Narain Singh himself was a well known personality.After graduating from Patna Medical College. Patna in the year 1951, Dr. A.K.N. Sinha was the first Bihari to have qualified for M.R.C.P in Cardiology from Royal College of Physicians. Edinburgh in 1957 Read more…