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The Initiative to form the Bihar Provincial Medical Association was taken by leading members of the medical profession of Patna. The Patna Medical Association formally invited members of medical profession from various districts of Bihar on 1st August, 1939 in a meeting. The meeting was presided over by late “Dr. M. Hussain. A resolution was formally moved for formation of the Provincial Branch of Indian Medical Association with headquarters at Patna. Late Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad of Arrah was elected as the first President and later D. B. Narayana, Professor of Physiology, P. W. Medical College, Patna as its first Secretary- Bihar Provincial Medical Association was then affiliated as Bihar Provincial branch of Indian Medical Association and the Central Office granted Rs. 200/- for the office expenses.

The following seven branches were affiliated to Bihar Branch of I.M.A 
1. Patna, 2. Gaya, 3. Arrah, 4. Motihari, 5. Monghyr, 6, Daltonganj, 7. Chapra

The total number of members was 275. The First Annual General meeting was held on 27th February, 1940. Later two more branches were formed under its jurisdiction i.e., Ranchi and Hazaribagh. Number of members increased to more than 300.

The first open conference of the Bihar Branch of I.M.A. and the third annual general meeting was held on the 24th February, 1942 at Patna. Late Dr. T. C. Guha of Motihari presided over the con-ference. The conference was inaugurated by late Dr. Sachidanand Sinha, Vice-Chancellor of Patna University and the scientific exhibition was opened by Co]. Spackman, Inspector General of Civil Hospitals, Bihar.

Since then the number of branches and that of members went on increasing, A seat, in the senate of Patna University was alloted to the association in the year 1944. Late Dr. B. P. Verma was first representa¬tive of the Association in the senate of Patna University.

Patna Journal of Medicine—Patna Journal of Medicine which was being published by Patna Medical Association, but if was decided in the annual con¬ference of Bihar Branch at Darbhanga in the year 1949 to publish it under the joint auspices of Bihar Branch and Pafna Medical Association.

When the Coiistituiion of India came into force in the year 1950 and the Provinces were named as States, (he name of Bihar Provincial branch of l.M-A. was changed to Bihar State Branch of I.M.A.

The construction of own building for the Association was started in the year 1956. The donations for construction of the Building was given by members of the association, Government of Bihar and some phar-maceutical firms. Dr. Sushila Nayyar, the then minister of Health, Government of India donated Rs. 15000 in the year 1963 for completion of auditorium.

The land for the building has been given on lease by the Government of Bihar in the year 1955- SOME OF Ihe local branches have got their own buildings namely Jamshedpur, Bhagalpur, Dhanbad and Hajipur. Muzaffarpur branch has started construction of a building for the association.

The activities of the association has been increasing year after year. It is recognised by the Government and consulted on matters connected with Health Planning, Medical Education, pay and service conditions of doctors etc.

I.M.A., Bihar State Branch has been observing Health Week since 1954. This is a community-oriented programme. During Health Week the different local branches of the Association through the members and Para medical staff immunise the children and adults against preventable diseases like small pox, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, medically examine the school children, propagate the use of safe drinking water by sinking tube wells, arrange public meetings in which the utility of balanced diet and different aspects of pre veritable diseases are explained. Rural Health survey is conducted in selected villages.
The Bihar State Faculty of I.M.A. College of General Practitioners was formed in the year 1966, Refresher course lectures are organised by the State Faculty for the members of the Association. Silver Jubilee session of Bihar State Medical Conference was held at Patna in the year 196$.

The Association organised relief operation in famine-stricken areas of Bihar in 196S, during floods in Patua in 1968 and different parts of Bihar in 1971. I.M.A, Bihar State Branch had organised jointly with Indian Red Cross Society, Bihar Branch, “Medical Relief Mission’s for refugees from Bangladesh in the year 1971.

The number of functioning local branches under the jurisdiction of Bihar, State Branch as on September 30, 1972 was 82 and membership strength was 3305.