Life Sketch of Dr. A.K.N. Sinha

Dr. A.K.N. Sinha, the illustrious son of Bihar, in his own words “a true Bihari”, was born in Banka District of Bihar on 15th January, 1929, in an affluent family. His father Rai Bahadur Shri Shy Narain Singh himself was a well known personality.

After graduating from Patna Medical College. Patna in the year 1951, Dr. A.K.N. Sinha was the first Bihari to have qualified for M.R.C.P in Cardiology from Royal College of Physicians. Edinburgh in 1957.

Subsequently, he obtained M.R.C.P from Royal College of Physicians, London in 1958, He was elected a Fellow of Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh in 1971 and also of London in 1975.

Dr. A.K.N. Sinha worked as Resident, Chief Resident and later, an Instructor in Medicine at Auitman Hospital, Canton, Ohio. USA. Subsequently, he worked as Hony. Clinical Assistant and House Physician, at Hammersmith Hospital and Royal Postgraduate Medical School. London. His extreme love for his motherland, forced him to return to India and he joined Patna Medical College Hospital, Patna as Junior Physician, in the year 1958, and joined as Lecturer in Medicine, at Darbhanga Medical College. He was Emeritus professor of Medicine at Nalanda Medical College , Patna since 1986

He was elected as President of Bihar State Branch of IMA in 1967 and 1968.Later, he rose by election to the post of President, Indian Medical Association Head Quarters as early as 1970 and again in 1971 at the young age of. 41 years – a rare honour which only Dr. A.K.N Sinha could enjoy.

He presided over the National Conference on Medical Education and the International Conference on Family Planning held in New Delhi respectively in November 1971 and in March 1972, led IMA delegations to Common wealth Medical Conference, World Medical Assembly and World Conference on Medical Education in 1972 and visited many countries in the world attending meetings and Conferences during 1976 to 1984.

He was not only the first Indian but was also the first Asian to be elected asPresident of both the Commonwealth Medical Association and World Medical Association,

Dr. A.K.N. Sinha also had the distinction of receiving many prestigious Oration Awards and had a large number of publications to his credit and many convocation & inaugural addresses and was always in great demand as chief guest of IMA and conferences of other specialities.

Dr. A.K.N. Sinha was elected as a member of the Medical Council of India in 1979 and a member of its Executive Committee in February 1980 and served a term of 5 years on the Committee from February 1980 to February, 1985.

He was elected to the highest post of the Medical Council of India as its President in 1985. He had been associated with the Council as its President for the last one decade.

As President of the Medical Council. Dr. Sinha brought in many reforms in medical education. A workshop to revise the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum was held in August, 1992 under his able guidance and leadership.

During his tenure, Medical Council completed 60 years of its existence and he planned to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee Year of the Council spread over an year long celebrations.

His contributions were not only limited to medical education but also to health needs of the community at large.

Dr. A.K.N. Sinha was the first person who espoused the idea of establishing medical universities in all the States, nationalization of Health Services in the country and establishment of Medical Grants Commission through Indian Medical Association and various other bodies.

It is a well known fact to the medical fraternity that Dr. A.K.N. Sinha was a down to earth and a most humble personality- He treated his patients with utmost care and such was his love for the patients that he continued to sse them till April last.

His O.P.Ds used to run past midnight because he never refused any patient who knocked at his door even at odd hours. In his public gathering, he always addressed himself as a humble servant of the society.

Dr. A.K.N. Sinha had a very firm conviction and commitment in all his action and deeds.

Let us all take a pledge to live upto his expectations, stand united in the profession and cherish his goals.